Our responsibility for sustainability

Thinking, planning and acting responsibly and foresightedly - this has been an important part of our corporate culture since the company was founded. This can only lead to success if the company's employees internalize it. We would like to motivate them to do this.

Humane action

  • Working conditions/ASA
  • Training
  • Value-based action
  • Health Management

Circular economy

  • Recycling solutions
  • High proportions of regrind
  • Biologically based plastics

Social responsibility

  • Secure jobs
  • Promote public projects
  • Maintain personal rights
  • Shaping the future for children and youth

Save resources

  • Fast start-up processes
  • Little waste
  • Digital processes
  • Reduction of environmental emissions
  • Reduced consumption

Working in partnership

  • Cooperation as a guiding principle
  • Customers and suppliers are partners
  • Compliance & Integrity

Climate-neutral supply chain

  • Covering our own needs with solar power generation
  • E-car fleet
  • Code of conduct for business partner selection

One more thing about sustainability: e-mobility

  • We offer you modern charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes.
  • This also underscores our responsibility for sustainable and future-oriented environmental development.