BREYER flat film extrusion line

Technical data of the equipment

Material: PC,  PMMA,  PET-A, -C,  PET-G,  PLA,  PS,  COC,  PES, ETFE, FEP

Roll width:

1600 mm

Line speed:


BREYER high performance extruder ø 75mm x 36D, rpm up to 600 1/min

Screws: Standard venting screw as well as different barrier-type screws

Two  BREYER coextruders ø 35x36D, with venting, rpm up to 164 1/min, venting screw, melt pump with 4,5 cm³/U

Vacuum pump:

Dry running vacuum pump with filter, 60 mbar, 140 m³/h

Flat sheet dies:

film die, sheet die, 3-channel die, widths up to 1550 mm


Horizontal calender with three solid steel rolls (350/450/450 mm, surface mirror polished), 3. roll slewable, servohydraulic roll gap adjustment with distcance and pressure control mode

Additional rolls:

1x FSR roll  ø 350 mm, width 1600 mm, chromed surface, mirror-polished

1x matt roll ø 450 mm, width 1600 mm, chromed surface, matt Ra=2 µm 

1x rubberized roll, ø 350 mm, width 1600 mm

Thickness: measurement: Make Thermofischer with Krypton source Kr 85 and Strontium source Sr 95 

Haul-off with 2 rubberized rolls, width 1600 mm, ø 260 mm, straight run-through resp. s-shaped clinch


protective film masking equipment with 4 unwinding stations, controlled tractive force magnet powder brakes, 3” winding shafts

Waste strip:

waste strip feature with 2 driven circular knives, waste strip winder


2-station turret winder with reverse winder and 30 m storage, winding width max. 1400 mm, winding ø max. 800 mm, 6“ clamping shafts, winding speed max. 60 m/min

Additional equipment:

cross cut saw for cutting thick film and sheets