Breyer Christmas Letter



Singen, December 2017

Dear business partners and friends of BREYER,

Our world is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence and digitalization are changing our environment and everyday life.
The lifetime of products is quickly shortening, and new applications blossom like nature in springtime.
The coexistence of people and states seems to have lost some of its stability. Autonomy and demarcation can be increasingly perceived.

We can only counter the big global challenges together, in a mutually supportive community of nations, by using our forces not against each other but for each other. Our attitude is decisive, the image we have of people and other nations. Only if we approach each other without prejudices and with tolerance will we succeed in finding a basis of successful coexistence, and this story emphasizes this fact:

An old man sat outside the gates to a city. Everyone entering the city walked passed him. A stranger stopped and asked the old man: “You no doubt can tell me about how the people in this city are?” The old man looked at him kindly: “How are they where you come from?” “Friendly, helpful and generous. Very sympathetic people,” answered the stranger. “That’s precisely how they are in this city!” The stranger was pleased and he walked through the city gate with a smile.
Later, another stranger came to the old man. “Tell me, old man, how are the people in this city?” The old man asked him, too: “How are they where you come from?” “Horrible! Unfriendly and arrogant.” The old man answered: “I’m afraid that’s how they are in this city, as well!”

We are looking back on a good year 2017 with gratitude and would like to thank you for a successful cooperation characterized by trust and partnership. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship in the New Year based on both.

We wish you and your families a peaceful and blessed Christmas holidays and time to draw new strength for the tasks ahead in 2018.

BREYER GmbH Maschinenfabrik


Jürgen Gulde                                  Josef Käppeler
Managing Director (CEO/CFO)           Managing Director (CTO)