NEW! INLINE edge trim saw


Make your sheet production comfortable, less noisy and safe.Nobody likes saw dust and nobody likes noise...

NEW! INLINE edge trim saw

Make your sheet production comfortable, less noisy and safe.

The edge trimming of amorphous plastic sheet requires circular saws. Nobody likes saw dust and nobody likes noise; however, it is necessary to trim the edges of sheets in order to get the desired format.

BREYER has gathered more than 40 years of experience with sawing PC, PMMA and other amorphous sheet, and has supplied almost every line including sawing equipment. Now, our new and re-designed generation of side trim saws is ready to improve your cutting job.

The design brief was to achieve extremely low noise levels, almost dust-free cutting and low energy consumption. The result is a full success: compared with all earlier solutions the new concept in fact guarantees considerably lower noise levels during the cutting process.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Low noise level
  • Durable and reliable equipment
  • High quality shoulder of the cut
  • Rapid and automatic format adjustment
  • Fast exchange of saw blade speed control
  • Clean, precise and rectangular cut
  • High safety standard
  • Efficient saw dust extraction above and below sheet
  • Operation via color touch panel

Available now in all of our new lines or as an exchange unit to improve your existing system. For further information please contact BREYER’s Sheet Lines business unit.

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