BREYER Extrusion lines for thermoforming film and sheet


Profit now from top technology at beneficially conditions.

HISTORY of success:
In the 70s, 80s and 90s BREYER has supplied a number of PP and HIPS film lines to leading European customers. In the beginning of the 90s BREYER additionally developed film lines for optical applications out of PC, PMMA and PET and supplied it to international customers.

Profit from the installation of our advanced optical film line technology  in your next thermoforming film line.
BREYER now offers BREYER ThermoFlex, the economically working and technically boosted extrusion systems, especially for the market of thermoforming film and sheet.

On request the basic scope of equipment can be flexible upgraded. 

BOOST your extrusion and go ahead with better equipment for a successful product!