Breyer Thermoflex Inhouse Show


Visit us on June 10 + 11 at our Breyer Thermoflex Inhouse Show!


Extrusion line BREYER ThermoFlex for the production of rigid packaging film for thermoforming


Go ahead! Boost your extrusion.

The combination of well-proved and simple system assembly paired with cutting-edge technologies that save time, raw material and money makes it possible –  the  economically efficient film extrusion. Due to BREYER's longterm experience in processing of glass-clear materials into top quality film & sheet you can now profit from this outstanding BREYER know-how.

We are pleased to present the BREYER extrusion system ThermoFlex on June Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th, 2015. (both days same programme).


  • Infrared drying system “Kreyenborg”
  • BREYER coextrusion system for 3-layer film (single screw extruder dia 120 mm with PET screw for 900 Kg/h and coextruder dia 60 mm for 200 kg/h)
  • Output of 900 kg/h as well possible with 100% regrind!
  • Changing thickness within seconds
  • Low stress film
  • Patented startup control for fast and safe startup of the extruder
  • BREYER “fast & easy” gap adjustment 
  • Reproducible calender gap positioning
  • Collision alarm die – calender roll (option)
  • Comfortable and safe system operation
  • Complete solutions for your production

BREYER's INHOUSE SHOW  - at June Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th, 2015
PROGRAMME: (same on both days, except come together party)

09:30 am Welcome reception
10:30 am Presentation of Line Features
12:00 am Lunch
1:00   pm Factory tour
2:00   pm ThermoFlex live demonstration processing PET film (thickness 200 µm and 800 µm by calendering process)
6:00   pm Come-Together-Party

Participating VENDORS: Kreyenborg (dryers), TNT (winders), SBI (thickness measuring), RAPID (edge crushing)

Be inspired and find new ideas for your production. Use this opportunity for networking and exchange with other professionals

LOCATION: BREYER GmbH, Maschinenfabrik, 78224 Singen, Germany. Parking and Reception (Navigate to Industriestrasse 2, 78224 Singen)

ACCOMODATION: There are a number of hotels available. Please book in time. Please find Hotels here.

REGISTER: Please register here before 22. May 2015 (we ask for your understanding that the number of participants is limited.)

We are looking forward to your visit!