Christmas 2019


Breyer Christmas Letter

BREYER GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Singen, December 2019 

Dear business partners and friends,

Looking back on the past year, 2019 has clearly shown us how wide-ranging the global challenges of the future are. 

In addition to the conflicts around the world, the increasingly perceptible effects of climate change, and growing awareness of the need to protect our environment, especially among young people, humanity is also facing fundamental changes on its path towards a digital future. 

These diversified and complex challenges require a peaceful coexistence among the international community of nations that is characterized by tolerance and appreciation in order to develop common solutions. The following story illustrates this fact for us all.

A small boy visiting his grandfather discovered a small turtle and immediately started examining it. The moment he began doing this, the turtle quickly withdrew into its shell. Using a small stick, the boy tried in vain to make it come out again. All the while, his grandfather was watching what the boy was doing.

Finally, he picked up the turtle, carried it into the house, and placed it on the warm, tiled stove. A few minutes later, once the animal had warmed up a bit, it stuck out its head and legs and started crawling towards the boy.

“Sometimes people are like turtles”, said the man. “Never try to force people into doing something. Warm them up with a bit of kindness and they will be able to move out of their shell.” 

Throughout 2019, we have been able to look back on 70 years of corporate history during which we were able to establish many partner relations based on mutual appreciation. We are very grateful and want to thank our customers and business partners around the world for this as well as for the trust you have all placed in us.

We will be happy to continue these trustful partnerships in the New Year.

We wish you and your family a peaceful and blessed Christmas holiday season, and the tranquility and respite from which to draw strength for the tasks that 2020 will bring.


BREYER GmbH Maschinenfabrik 


      Jürgen Gulde                         Josef Käppeler                         Uwe Staudenmaier 

      Managing Director                 Managing Director                    Managing Director