Successful BREYER Inhouse Show


According to the motto „Go ahead – boost your PET extrusion“ BREYER organized a successful Inhouse Show on June 10 and 11, 2015. Mainly German and European manufacturers of thermoforming film were invited, to get an impression of the efficiency and flexibility of the new BREYER ThermoFlex line.

In the packaging industry speed and flexibility are important, not least in order to save costs. To achieve this, various technologies are used, which for many years have proven themselves also in lines for high-quality optical films.

The quick start-up of the PET line has been presented to the visitors as well as the quick change of the film thicknesses.  Pure recycled material was processed on a 120 mm single screw extruder , and a 60 mm co-extruder with a total output of 1100 kg / h. The infrared drying allows the drying of new and recycled material and also bottle flakes up to 100%.

The combination of well-tried and simple system assembly paired with cutting-edge technologies that save time and money makes it possible – the economically efficient film extrusion.  Quick start-up by the special melt pump control and a fast setting of the film thickness with the BREYER gap adjustment system “fast & easy” makes the extrusion economically. Within seconds the desired gap can be reproduced.

Thereby particularly in the price-sensitive packaging market interesting savings for the processors arise.

The staff benefits of an operator-controlled touch-screen control and the overall user-friendly and maintenance-friendly systems engineering. In addition, the technology enables the production of low-tension flat films, which is particularly advantageous during the subsequent thermoforming. In total good and in line with the market requirements film qualities can be produced.

Many manufacturers are convinced that it is possible to achieve even better film qualities and thus better economic results with a high-quality system technology.